Birthday Cakes

It's been over a year since I've made a fondant cake. My itch to create something with cake was becoming an incessant nag when my mother called saying we would be having a birthday party for both my older brother and nephew. Since I had missed my younger brothers birthday I figured I would add his name on there too. I mean, how hard could that be? 

So begins the challenge of making three personalized cakes in one. 

I decided on a three tier cake. This is something I had never attempted. I knew there would be complications, I just wasn't sure what they would be yet... So with little understanding of what was in store for me I began my 4 day cake making extravagansa. 

Day 1- baking and icing cakes 

Day 2- Making fondant. For anyone interested in fondant that actually TASTES GOOD, then I have a recipe for you. It's called marshmallow fondant, and it will be your next best friend in cake making.


  • 1 bag marshmallow 
  • 1 bag icing sugar

That is all folks.

Take the marshmallow, stick in a bowl, throw it in the microwave (about 30 seconds,) pour some icing sugar in and start stirring. Yes it will stick at first, but don't panic. Keep adding icing sugar until it is cool and pliable enough to kneed with your hands. Once the mixture has stopped sticking to your fingers you can us it right away like regular fondant, or put it in a bowl with a bit of icing sugar on the bottom, (to prevent sticking) some cellophane wrap, (to prevent it from drying out) and stick it in the fridge until you need it. 

Tip: if you are going to make several batches, be sure to wash out your bowl. The icing sugar and drying marshmallow from the previous batch can leave little lumps in the new one.

Tip for my previous tip: use very hot water to wash the bowl. It's WAY easier then trying to scrub it.

The wonderful thing about this stuff is that it works just as well as regular fondant, but tastes a million times better!

Day 3/4- Once my cakes where iced and my fondant made I could begin designing the cakes. I decided to attempt to create a welded metal look for my older brother who is currently in school  to become a welder. and a circuit board design for my nerdy younger brother.  My nephew's was the hardest as he is only two. I wanted his to be happy and bright without affecting the colour scheme of the other two cakes. I didn't succeed...

I used an edible silver dye for the metal and tiny silver candy balls for the screws. 
I flowed this into the circuit board cake by creating the metal and saudering effect. I then put a small amount of Red, Yellow and Brown food colouring onto a plate and painted it on like water colours to create the lines in the circuit board and the rust in the metal. My Nephew's cake ended up being a swirl of skittles (family request. I had made a cake on a previous birthday that was filled with skittles. apparently cake and skittles is a fantastic combination.)

Once the individual layers had finished the trouble began. Individually the cakes looked quite good. together however, I realized my nephews layer had thrown off the colour scheme I was trying to create. On top of this I realized my cakes weren't quite straight, making the layers tilt slightly.

Melt down.

The cake was put in the fridge and so began my evening of stomping about, my eye brows furrowed in frustration and my face in a permanent pouty look. I began to contemplate why I do this to myself. I swear the stress is taking years off my life.

Note: I would like to thank the love of my life for all his patience. Honestly I don't know how he can put up with my emotions sometimes.

In an attempt to fix my mistake I added silver food colouring between the skittles and silver balls to add continuity. It helped. A little... Time to present it to the birthday boys.

As you can see the colour scheme wasn't my only issue. As the cakes warmed up on the car ride the heavy layers began to sink into one another. having never done a cake with more then two tiers I had not thought of of this complication occurring. Though There where many mistakes in my eyes my family still loved loved it. It was a huge success and I am already getting requests for my next cake.  

Note: turns out there is a lot of dye in my black fondant as it turned my mothers tongue black.